Why Preplanning?

To Preplan or to Prearrange is quite simply to make arrangements before the death occurs. It is a practical way to determine what your wishes for your funeral are – will be - in advance of the need. The decision to preplan allows an individual to make informed choices about details that are important to them; express ideas for your service that are unique or traditional for your family; select products such as caskets, urns and vaults, state your preference of burial or cremation and in the instance of cremation decide what will be done with those cremated remains – columbarium niche, burial in a family plot, shelf in the den, or scattering.

This is your opportunity to decide or to contribute to the decisions that will need to be made that allows your family and friends to honour and reflect on your life.

The Benefits of Preplanning

Preplanning is an important part of estate planning. Each of us is unique, possessing very personal views on the many aspects of life. Preplanning provides the opportunity for research, discussion, and informed decisions… decisions that have great benefits for our loved ones when our death does occur because they can move forward confident that every detail has been carried out as you wished it to be.

This “discussion about death” is a sensitive subject, and we understand that it is not always easy to discuss our inevitable death with those who are close to us. Often we are reminded by those who prearrange that there is a comfort in knowing they have hopefully eliminated the anxiety and dilemma of making difficult decisions at the time of death, which is an emotionally charged life event. Most people will acknowledge that decisions made when we are distraught and vulnerable are rarely some of our best.

Other situations that may cause you to research the benefits of preplanning are that Long Term Care facilities often request confirmation that arrangements have been made prior to admittance. Another is that for many families circumstances present where it is beneficial to preplan arrangements as a representative for a family member in your care.

Preplan or Prepay?

There is absolutely no obligation to prepay when preplanning although many individuals feel that it is important to because it is then a completed process. There is comfort and security in knowing that these financial arrangements have been taken care of and will not be the responsibility of others in a stressful and emotional time.

If you choose to pay in advance, all money is protected under provincial law. This is your investment and can be refundable or transferred if your situation changes. There are several options available to prepay - we can provide a monthly, quarterly or even yearly schedule. It is important to point out that in most circumstances, services that are prepaid in full guarantee that those same services will be provided with no additional cost when the contract is fulfilled.

How to Preplan

Contact our office about arranging an appointment to meet – Wareing Cremation Services by telephone: 519-409-5575 or by email information@wareingcremation.ca. We can accommodate meetings on your schedule, and if it is more convenient we will attend your home. We are committed to providing you with an environment that is most comfortable for you. We are prepared to listen to you, answer any questions you may have, and work to accommodate your choices.

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