Direct Cremation Sample Pricing

Services Price
Co-ordinating activities $275.00
  • Professional consultation with licensed personnel, including but not limited to, expert advice on the options that are available to meet your needs.
  • Coordination of all activities before, during and after, including the Services and Supplies provided by us as well as those provided by third party suppliers.
Documentation – permits, forms, etc. $260.00
  • Completion and filing of all documents required and necessary. These include but not limited to death registration, Coroner’s Cremation Certificate, and the Burial Permit. Completion of CPP paperwork (Death Benefit and Survivors Benefits).
  • Proof of Death Certificates issued by Wareing Cremation Services Inc.
  • Completion of CPP Application(s) - Death Benefit and Survivor's Benefit.
Preparation and shelter of the deceased $275.00
  • Facilities used to shelter the deceased; preparation of the deceased for transportation to the Crematorium.
Transport Deceased – initial (within 100 km) $257.88
  • Personnel required for transportation of the deceased, and then the cremated remains using a modified unmarked van. Additional fees apply beyond 100 km one way - $1.75 per km.
Service Vehicle $220.00
  • Necessary for transportation of the deceased; transportation of cremated remains; necessary to be able to complete administration tasks.
Cremation container $190.00
  • This is required for transportation of the deceased, and absolutely necessary for the cremation process.
HST on Services and Supplies $192.12
Coroner's Fee (no HST) $75.00
Death Registration (no HST) $20.00
Services Supplied by Others  
Cremation Fee $550.00
  • Wareing Cremation Services Inc. acts as an Agent for several Crematoriums. Crematorium prices vary. (Holy Cross Crematorium price shown).
Total Package $2,315.00
(includes taxes, disbursements, services, and cremation fee)
Additional information about our payment and funding options is available upon request. Prices are subject to change without notice. Unless otherwise identified, all prices include applicable taxes.  

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