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W areing Cremation Services provides a respectful and financially sensible choice for those who desire direct cremation services, direct burial services, and anatomical donation to the University of Western Ontario.

Many conversations take place concerning the “funeral arrangements” of either ourselves or a loved one; likes, dislikes, expectations, requirements, costs, etc. There are as many opinions on this subject as there are individuals expressing those very opinions. Information is empowerment, and we would encourage every individual to do their research with bereavement professionals before making any decisions because experience would prove that there are so many misconceptions about the who, what, when, where, and how when someone dies.

Paul Wareing and Barbara Wareing are genuine when we say that we will listen to you. This is the most important action we can make when assisting an individual, couple, or family. As licensed bereavement professionals we have the ability to provide information, direction, and services that allow you to honour the life of someone you love, or to preplan and make the decisions necessary to have your own life memorialized or celebrated as you desire.

As provided by our business license, we are able to assist individuals and families beginning right from the time of death when we take their loved one into our care, through the whole information gathering and contractual portion of arrangements and all that is required there. With the choice of cremation, some individuals choose to have their cremated remains scattered but most choose burial of the cremated remains. Those with religious beliefs usually follow the dictate of their own religion for their decisions of the funeral service, memorial, or celebration as well as the interment of the cremated remains. Personal opinion and beliefs very often are the deciding factor for what direction funeral and burial arrangements will look like. Direct burial indicates that Wareing Cremation Services must bring the deceased’s casket to the graveside where family and friends either attend after the memorial or church service and before the funeral luncheon, or some families choose a private graveside service. Still others have a private graveside service and then host a funeral luncheon for family and friends beginning an hour later at a venue of their choice, which can include their church’s reception hall.

We provide a ‘paper package’ – Proof of Death Certificates, CPP Death Benefit and Survivor Benefit (if applicable) applications completed and ready for signature, receipt of newspaper notices, Contacts, and steps for Executor’s to follow in completing their duties. If required we provide travel documentation. We also offer our website for an Obituary and Condolences at no additional cost.

Wareing Cremation Services offers a large selection of Urns, keepsake mementos, and jewelry for cremated remains. We are able to provide a selection of Caskets and both casket vaults and urn vaults. We work with our clients to create memorial cards for the funeral service or the celebration of life for those wishing to incorporate this into their funeral service. We have ‘guest registry books’ and also a selection of appreciation note cards for purchase.

Death is an inevitable step we will all take one day….Wareing Cremation Services believes that reaching out to recognize all the moments that come along the way is important too.

Both of our establishments offers gift ideas for every one of life’s “moments”. Saying you have someone in your thoughts and remembering them with a practical or pretty little something is a small kindness that can make a tremendous difference. To be able to brighten up a sick friend’s surroundings, celebrate marriages or birthday’s, marking a friendship that is decades old, or by gifting something to encourage a friend, family member or dear neighbour faced with an overwhelming diagnosis is compassionate and caring action.

We carry books on the subjects of death, loss, divorce, suicide, friendship, miscarriage, religion, children and death, and dementia for those researching personal issues and situations. We have novels of fiction for children, youth and adults that make great birthday gifts or are helpful for those spending long hours at appointments or in hospital. We carry Crossroads Candles…providing scents that can evoke memories of happier days, or can fill your home with beautiful fragrance. Wareing Cremation Services even has a few handmade canes fashioned for those who have suddenly found themselves unable to maneuver as they once did for one reason or another. We carry a selection of lanterns in various sizes perfect for a wedding gift or for a family who is experiencing the loss of their loved one. Our Willow Tree figurines are perfect for decorating your own home or for that special someone you wish to gift a fitting treasure to.

The daily reality of illness, living with a diagnosis, or facing one’s own imminent death takes its’ toll on the individual and on their family members and friends. Our thought is that, with a little help from friends, one can squeeze out the bitter bits of life and concentrate on the sweet times!

Available 24 hours, 7 days a week to assist you. Now with two locations to serve you better.


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