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Paul Wareing

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Barbara Wareing

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T here are many attitudes and opinions concerning the circumstance of death, coping with loss and death, and celebrating or memorializing One’s life. Wareing Cremation Services invites you to explore your options. Paul Wareing and Barbara Wareing offer an alternative; we offer you the opportunity to make a choice of how you want your final arrangements to be carried out.

We are committed to listening to individuals when they express what their desires are and we always provide complete disclosure so that our clients have a full understanding of the who, what, where, and how….and we are able to direct them with any special requests they may have. We are always happy to answer as many questions as we can by telephone, but please appreciate that what we do has many moving parts so making the time to meet with us is much more beneficial for you and by allowing us to comprehend your complete picture, we can eliminate misconceptions and provide for your personal situation.

At Wareing Cremation Services we are trusted to provide the respect and dignity you expect. We opened the doors of our first establishment at 346 Simcoe Street in Tillsonburg on Thursday August 14, 2014, and we have opened the doors of our second establishment at 225 Norwich Avenue in Woodstock on Wednesday March 9, 2018. By our license we are able to provide direct burial and direct cremation services, as well as preplanning arrangements.

Yes…we too have read and heard it stated that this “direct” option means that the deceased is somehow cheated, that their families are cheated, of the opportunity to mourn, to be comforted, “to find closure”.

This is simply untrue.

Direct cremation or direct burial does not nullify the opportunity for a full religious funeral service or Mass with the cremated remains of the deceased present; it does not mean that the family cannot have a non-religious celebration of a life lived with the cremated remains of the deceased present. Simply put - direct cremation or direct burial - eliminates the opportunity for everyone to view the deceased’s body.

Death changes life; positive memories can help us move along the path to a positive future, but it takes time….for some more time than others. Struggling to accept the death of a loved one, talking – or not talking - about your grief, sifting through the multitude of emotions, making use of ritual and embracing your spirituality in ways that are appropriate for you, reconciling your grief, and moving towards healing is a process. Coming to terms with loss of the magnitude presented by death, mourning a loved one, seeking and finding comfort from friends and family…..these are not spiritual, emotional and physical needs satisfied and resolved in a few hours immediately following death.

Paul and Barbara Wareing believe that final arrangements are some of the most personal moments in an individual’s circle of life... and your wishes should be the priority.

Wareing Cremation Services Inc. is a licensed establishment regulated by the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (formerly the Board of Funeral Services). We are not affiliated with, under the umbrella of, or in partnership with, any individual, group, company, or corporation. Wareing Cremation Services Inc. is wholly independent, and we are honoured to serve our immediate community and all of Southwestern Ontario.

When someone you love passes away — whether at the Hospital, in a Long Term Care Facility, at the Hospice, or in their own home — we are able to assist your Family at any hour of the day or night just by telephoning 519-409-5575. We are compassionate bereavement professionals who attend to all of the necessary aspects for those requesting burial or cremation arrangements.

All Traditions have beginnings and Wareing Cremation Services. . . is much more than you believe we are.

Available 24 hours, 7 days a week to assist you. Now with two locations to serve you better.


225 Norwich Avenue

Woodstock, Ontario N4S 3V8

Telephone: 519-290-5575


346 Simcoe Street

Tillsonburg, Ontario N4G 2J8

Telephone: 519-409-5575